End of the Line

I started retiring various sections of my personal web site in 2005, and got around to retiring the Rockline section that summer... over 10 years after I started the site... nearly 20 years since I first heard Rockline. Rather than let some of the content disappear, I sent the FAQ and database of past guests to the staff at Rockline, in case they had a need for the data. My Rockline listening diminished as the summer turned to fall and winter, but I'd visit their site to check up on them, and see what was going on.

Years passed, and their site went through a few redesigns. They did get some use out of the guest database I had given them. I could tell they used it as a starting point "Archive History" section on their site. In those years, the Internet became far more ubiquitous than it was in the early 1990s. Napster came and went, and the Apple iPod was introduced. Both had an influence on the way we listen to and purchase music. Social media sprang up. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube allowed celebrities to keep in touch with their fans, sometimes interacting with them directly. Modern Rock Live had already fallen by the wayside in November 2000, due to money issues and budget cuts, but could Rockline survive in these new, super-connected, highly interactive times?

In November 2014, Bob Coburn released this statement:

The world has changed from an innovative, unique idea back in 1981 to a one of near constant exposure for artists in 2014. With the Internet, Twitter accounts, hundreds of television channels and a more sophisticated press, artists are now literally at the fingertips of their fans. ROCKLINE is no longer the invaluable tool to connect fans with their Rock & Roll heroes, it has become but one of many. We have had the honor to present the history of Rock as told by the artists who created it for the past three decades-plus, but now is the time to pass the mantle. We will proudly present the very best of ROCKLINE until the end of the year when our mics will fall silent forever. Thanks for listening and long live Rock & Roll!

Rockline broadcast its last show in December 2014. Two years later, on December 17, 2016, Bob Coburn died of lung cancer. 95.5 KLOS remembered the legacy of Bob Coburn and Rockline by broadcasting replays and tributes. A Facebook group named Tribute to Bob Coburn was created, bringing together fans from all over the globe.

It's been a "long, strange trip," but what a trip it was. My contributions won't ever get mentioned in the rock 'n' roll history books, but I know what I've done. Now, you do too.