At this point you might be saying, "Your story is quite fascinating, but I have some questions." Let's see if we can answer them...

Is there any other information about these radio shows? What about recordings?

Rockline had their own official website from 2002 until the show went off the air. They used to offer past interviews for sale (minus the music). Modern Rock Live never had an official site, and recordings were never offered for sale.

Recordings made by other listeners can be found on the internet, but if you're looking for a specific broadcast it may not be out there.

Where can I find the list of guests who appeared on the shows?

After much scouring on the internet, I have been able to compile past guest lists for both shows, and made them available here:

Rockline Guest History

Modern Rock Live Guest History

I've linked a few broadcasts to transcripts or listener recordings. Please also note that some of this information may not be 100% correct, and in some cases incomplete or missing. If you can help fill in the gaps, please let me know.

Why did you build this website?

Short answer: Why not? Slightly longer answer: After all these years, I still dig rock 'n' roll music and its various offspring and relations. Rockline has been a big part of that for me. Also, it's uncertain that this information will return in an official capacity. With my personal connection to the show, it might as well be me who maintains this unofficial history. Long live rock...